The French Press: What is it and why it’s Awesome


“The French Press” – I’m sure you’ve heard of it, whether in discussion at a coffee shop or over conversation between two coffee connoisseurs, but what is it really? Is the French Press really anything special?

The answer to your question in short is yes it truly is, and here is why:

Lets think about regular coffee for a second: you put water and coffee in the coffee maker, turn it on, and the grounds are filtered through the paper filter, leaving you with a pot of coffee at the end of the process. While it all might seem pretty harmless, traditional coffee makers as we know them actually rob us of a lot of the potential oils and flavors that could make each cup in the pot 1,000x better.

Enter: The French Press.

The french press


Essentially, while it does take a bit more time, the French Press picks up all the slack of your typical coffee maker, and brews up the purest coffee of any current technique or piece of equipment out there.

The French Press is a tall elegant “pot” in which you put both the coffee grounds and near boiling water into the top. After letting the grounds brew with the water for 4 minutes (+/- depending on how strong you want your cup to be) you then push the handle down, thereby pressing the coffee and grounds through a filter and into your cup. The filter is made of a metal mesh, and this allows all of the oils (which you don’t get with a regular coffee maker) to be pressed into your cup, making the experience of drinking it that much better from the aromas to the taste. Additionally, you get the tiniest bits of grounds in your coffee when you use the French Press (almost to the point of not even noticing however as they are so fine), which also enhances the experience, making the coffee stronger, smoother, more delicious and more concentrated. Voila!

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