MixCups: Our Story


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MixCups is for folks who enjoy single cup coffees and teas but are bored of drinking the same old cup each and every day. Our Mix of the Month subscriptions provide caffeine junkies with a way of discovering new favorites from our mix of hand picked selections they can enjoy all month long.

MixCups was launched in 2012 by coffee fanatics who were tired of drinking the same cup of joe every morning and wished for a way to try something new without having to buy boxes and boxes of coffee that went stale before they ever got used.

The idea of getting a variety of single cup coffees delivered to your door each month seemed so genius yet nobody was offering it, so that idea was turned into reality and MixCups was born. Today we ship our Mixes of the Month to awaiting coffee fiends nationwide.

They say variety is the spice of life so we like to think we make people’s lives a little happier by mixing up their daily grind!