8 Reasons Why you Should Definitely Drink Coffee

Lets not beat around the bush: you should definitely be drinking coffee. Why you may ask? Well, aside from the ability to speak to unicorns and the telepathy, it also provides you with 8 other benefits that are simply too good to pass up.

benefits of coffee

It boosts your intelligence!

Lets all give a big round applause for caffeine shall we? Caffeine jolts your body to life on those slow mornings, but it also makes you a lot more mentally sharp in addition. Basically put, coffee makes your brain function much more efficiently, improving everything from reaction time to reasoning to attentiveness.


Coffee is chockfull of powerful antioxidants, all of which work together to fend off a multitude of diseases, specifically diseases of the cardiovascular nature, according to a study conducted by Harvard.

It lowers your risk for developing Alzheimer’s Disease

Most researchers are in favor of the notion that coffee wards off cognitive decline. In a recent study, researchers found that individuals (in their middle years), who consumed between 3-5 cups of coffee per day, significantly reduced their chances of developing Alzheimer’s Disease as well as Dementia.

It gives you a short-term memory boost

In addition to helping you preserve your long-term memory, coffee (caffeine) proved to boost the short-term – or working – memory of those individuals who consumed 100 mg of caffeine (or two cups of coffee) before performing a memory-related task, according to a study conducted by the Radiological Society of North America.

It enhances exercise performance

The giant caffeine punch that coffee comes packing doesn’t just make you more alert and aware, but it boosts your performance at the gym! According to various research studies discussed by the New York Times, caffeine increases the power output of muscles, and positively affects the part of your brain associated with exhaustion. The result? Basically, you wind up crushing your workout without even feeling like you need to try hard, and you feel able to go for a longer span of time than you otherwise would sans caffeine. Awesome.

It helps with depression

In multiple studies, Coffee was proven time and again to aid in the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine – 2 of the body’s natural antidepressants. In a study conducted by Harvard’s school of Public Health, their results indicated a 20% decreased risk of depression in women who drank just two cups per day.

It aids in protecting your liver – especially if you like alcohol!

According to studies conducted by Harvard, drinking coffee religiously can protect against both liver cancer as well as cirrhosis of the liver. The research is still fairly new and more studies need to be done, but the benefits of coffee according to already conducted research look promising! 

It can boost your metabolism

If you’re trying to lose weight, then caffeine – a household chemical name found in wide variety of beverages – will be your new best friend. Why? Because according to numerous studies discussed by Livestrong.com, caffeine has been proven to boost your metabolism significantly for up to 24 hours. What is one of the most common places that caffeine can be found you ask? COFFEE!